Reflect, Regret and Reboot (The Story: Ch. 1: Post 2)

Artists, and all creators, take a risk when they share their creation – expressions of themselves.  Is my creation good?  Will it be liked?  If it is not received well – does this reflect poorly on me?  As artists we are often hardest on ourselves in the moments following our sharing of our art – self-critiquing and potentially regretting.  In Genesis we read that due to humanity’s wickedness and people’s inclination to evil, God decided to destroy the human race that he created, saying, “I regret that I have made them.”  However, Noah – a righteous and blameless man – found favour in God’s eyes.  Despite God’s regret, he was able to find the good and positive in his creation – in Noah and his family – and choosing to spare Noah and his family, and at least 2 of every kind of living creature (male and female).  God told Noah to build an ark.  While he provided certain specifications for the ark (type of wood, how to waterproof it, and dimensions), he left the creative details of the ark’s design up to Noah.  Following the flood in which all but Noah’s family and the creatures on the Ark perished, and God established a covenant with Noah, God continued to share his love for artistic beauty – creating the rainbow that would be a sign of the covenant between God and the earth.  The rainbow – a creative risk by God – that so very often evokes a ‘WOW!’ from the beholder – an exclamation mark to his reboot of creation.

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